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Other Services Offered By Left Shore Designs:
Email Broadcasting and List Management

Email Broadcasting and List ManagementStatistics do not lie - the biggest source of sales/support is repeat business followed by referrals from past customers/supporters. That is why Left Shore Designs is eager to help you correspond with those who visit your website.

Broadcast Messages To Your Opt-In Email List
No Ads on Your Broadcast Email Messages!

Ocean Crest Creative’s Left Shore Designs maintains a high-speed, broadcast server that is tied into the backbone of the Internet and whitelisted with all of the major Internet organizations. This translates into fast, clean broadcasting of your messages to you list. You may either design your “broadcast ready” HTML email or have Left Shore Designs do the work for you.


@ Annual Management: $400

@ Broadcasting: $45 Per Broadcast, Unlimited Broadcasts, No List Size Restrictions

@ Custom Broadcast Design, Construction and Readiness: $65 per hour (3 Hour Minimum)

@ Proof Reading/Oversight: When your design is not "broadcast ready" and Left Shore Designs needs to make it so (or teach you how to) - $65 per hour (1 Hour Minimum)

@ Simple Delivery Report: Delivery (Total recipients, Successfully sent, Soft bounces, Hard bounces), Opens (Unique opens and Total opens) and Clickthroughs (Unique click-throughs and Total clickthroughs) - $25 Per Broadcast

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